Heel Pain Treatments You Might Do At Home Or Receive From Your Podiatrist

20 April 2023
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Heel pain is frustrating because it's difficult to walk without bearing weight on your heels, and bearing weight often makes the pain worse. If you have heel pain that doesn't clear up fairly quickly when you rest your foot for a few days, consider seeing a podiatrist so they can figure out why you're having pain and recommend a heel pain treatment to bring you relief. Here are things that might help your heel pain.

Rest And Ice

If the pain is caused by training too hard too soon, you may just need to rest your feet for several days. You can also use ice packs on the hurting heel to control inflammation. You might also need to avoid bearing weight on your heel when you are active. You might need a knee scooter, wheelchair, or crutches, depending on the most comfortable way for you to stay mobile while staying off of your heel.

Tape And Splint

Your podiatrist might show you how to use tape on your foot to support your injury and control pain. You might also wear a compression sock for support. If the pain is from plantar fasciitis, your podiatrist might want you to sleep in a soft splint that keeps your foot extended so it doesn't get tight while you sleep.

In addition, shoe inserts might help. Your podiatrist can advise you on the right type of buy from a drugstore or they can make custom inserts if they determine you have a gait issue that causes heel injury when you run. The inserts can provide support and padding that could help you heal and prevent further injury.

Injections And Medical Heel Pain Treatments

If your heel pain doesn't go away with treatments you do at home as advised by your podiatrist, you might need medical treatments. One heel pain treatment to consider when you have a lot of pain is an injection in your heel. A corticosteroid injection could decrease swelling and provide pain relief.

You might also need shock wave treatments. These treatments are often used for heel pain from plantar fasciitis in order to stimulate healing. Regenerative injections might be considered too. These involve injecting stem cells taken from your bone marrow or platelet-rich plasma taken from your blood to trigger your tissues to heal.

Stretches And Exercises

Your podiatrist might teach you exercises to do at home or send you to a physical therapist. Doing stretches and strengthening exercises with your foot could help you heal, keep your foot flexible, and make your foot muscles stronger. 

For more info about heel pain treatments, contact a local company.