How To Prevent Bunions

16 October 2015
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Bunions are exceedingly painful, especially when you have to be on your feet all day. If you put a great deal of pressure on your foot, one of the joints on your big toe will move out of place. This creates a painful bump on the side of your big toe that will cause you pain each time that you put pressure on it. Here are some tips for preventing the development of a bunion so that you don't go through that discomfort.

1. Look at Your Feet

First, check to see if your feet, when they are in shoes and you are standing up, roll in. This essentially means that when you stand on your feet, the tops don't stay parallel with the ground but instead start to slope towards each other inwards.

Feet rolling in are a telltale sign that you are going to develop a bunion in the future because you are putting a lot of pressure on the big toes of both feet. If you notice that certain shoes cause your feet to roll in, you are going to need to take corrective action immediately. You will need to either purchase different footwear that has better support that won't allow your feet to roll in, or you are going to need to purchase orthotics that you can place into your shoes to prevent your feet from rolling in. Either way, you need to make sure that you get the pressure off of your big toe.

2. Check Your Toes

If you are constantly wearing heels, you might think that it's normal for your toes to be jammed up against the end of the shoe. In reality, it's not normal and should not be happening. By putting a ton of pressure on your toes, you make it more likely that your joint is going to pop out of place. Consider purchasing shoes with a lower heel in order to make sure that you are able to stop your foot from sliding forwards. Also look into purchasing shoes that are a half size larger to give your foot more room.

3. Consider Straps

Finally, consider purchasing shoes that have straps on them that will prevent your foot from sliding forwards and jamming your toes into the ends of a shoe. This is incredibly important to consider because it will allow you to wear the shoes that you love without having to worry about the additional pressure.

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