Common Painful Foot Conditions

21 October 2015
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When you suffer from foot problems, it can affect your life in many ways. Not only can certain foot conditions make it difficult for you to walk or even stand, but some can cause you a great deal of pain, even when you are at rest. Learn about some of the more common foot conditions in this article so you are aware of what may be causing your issues.

Plantar fasciitis

The plantar fascia is the band of tissue that goes from the base of your toes to your heel bone. If this tissue gets inflamed then it is known as a condition referred to as plantar fasciitis. The condition causes a pain in the bottom of your foot that can be extreme. The pain is generally at its worst in the morning. You can roll a frozen water bottle under your foot to get some relief from the pain. Anti-inflammatories will help to reduce the inflammation and also offer some relief from the pain.


Corns are thick patches of skin, or bumps that are most commonly found on the pressure points of the feet. They tend to come with pain as well. This pain is generally worse after applying pressure to the area where the corn is present, or when it gets otherwise irritated. You can help corns become smaller by reducing the amount of pressure put on them. If they persist, you should go in to see the podiatrist for treatment.

Heel Spur

Heel spurs are painful growths on the bottom of your heel bone. They are caused by calcium deposits that occur on the bottom of the bone and they can make it extremely hard for you to put pressure on your foot. There are different treatments for bone spurs, depending on the severity. These treatments range from specific exercises to anti-inflammatories or even injections to decrease the pain.

Anytime you experience heel pain or pain in other areas of your foot, you want to get off them. Sit down in a comfortable chair and allow your feet to relax. Ice is a good option for taking away pain immediately.

You can also take over-the-counter anti-inflammatories which will help to decrease any inflammation contributing to the pain. At the end of a long day, you may also get relief from soaking your feet in a warm tub of water. Get in to see a podiatrist like Accurate Foot & Diabetic Care for proper treatment as soon as you can get an appointment.