Tips For Easing Plantar Fasciitis Pain

22 June 2016
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When you wake up after a night of sleep and stand up, pain in the arch of your foot is not expected. If the bottom of your feet feel sore, you might not think about it much until the pain returns each morning. It's even possible that you start to feel aching in your feet all day long. With these symptoms, it's possible that you are suffering from a foot condition called plantar fasciitis. This condition inflames the strip of muscle tissues that passes from the toes to the heel. If you've got it, you might feel pain on the soles of your feet, particularly in the arch and heel. To get some relief, use these tips.

Flex Your Feet

One of the first things you can do to start feeling better is to do some foot exercises before you even stand up each morning. Laying in bed, slowly turn your toes backwards toward your knee. You should feel a nice stretch in both your calves and your feet. Next, pretend that you are drawing a circle with your toes, first clockwise and then the other way. This allows you to stretch out the very tissues that are tight and painful. As a result, your feet might not hurt as badly.

Keep Golf Balls Handy

During the day, if you start to experience that familiar pain, you may be able to ease it with the help of small golf balls. While sitting at your desk or on your soft, roll the balls around with your feet. This has a massage-like effect that may make you feel better.

Get Enough Vitamins

There are times when pain is a sign that you are not getting the proper nutrition. Vitamin deficiencies can cause many physical ailments.  Vitamins B12, D and C have all been linked to plantar fasciitis; if you know that your diet has not been particularly healthy, this may be the reason for your foot pain. Talk to your doctor about testing your blood to determine whether your vitamin levels are adequate. You may also wish to visit a dietician to ensure that your diet is vitamin-rich. You might want to start taking a multivitamin each day as well, but if you do that, be sure to notify your physician.

Plantar fasciitis can be an uncomfortable condition, but when you are able to make use of the information here, it can help. Consult a local podiatrist from a clinic like Advanced Foot Clinic who can fully examine your feet and provide you with the guidance you need to start feeling better.