A Quick Guideline To Maintaining Healthy Feet For A Long Time

27 June 2022
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Your feet carry your entire body's weight and offer the freedom of movement from one place to another. Although feet play a vital role in everyone's life, it's easy to take them for granted until you start experiencing pain or get injured. 

Foot health is essential for everyone, and the best way to attain this is by prioritizing foot and ankle care at all times. So, how can you improve your foot health and retain the freedom to move as you grow old? This piece will share fundamental tips to consider.

Keep the Feet Clean

One of the easiest ways to keep your feet healthy is to wash them in lukewarm water every day. Extremely cold or hot water can damage the skin, particularly in diabetic patients with reduced skin sensation. Use a gentle soap, sponge, or soft cloth to remove any dirt and dead skin, then rinse thoroughly. Dry the feet completely with a clean cloth or towel before wearing socks or/and shoes.

Examine the Feet Regularly

Another effective way to take care of your feet is to perform a self-exam regularly. Look out for redness, blisters, cracked skin, or minor cuts. Also, check the soles for scaling or peeling areas as you dry off the feet. This could mean that you have an athlete's foot. 

Discolored nails could be a sign of nail fungus. If you have any of these issues, see a foot specialist instead of ignoring the problem. Those with diabetes should check their feet daily since this condition increases the risk of foot infections and sores.

Wear Perfectly-Fitted Shoes

Your shoes can determine if your feet will stay healthy for longer or if you will have foot problems. If the shoes you wear are too tight, you will get blisters that lead to infections and other long-term foot problems. So, always buy well-fitted shoes that properly support your feet and ankles. This will protect the feet and guarantee your safety while walking. 

Some foot specialists recommend choosing broad and rounded shoes that have plenty of space to accommodate all your toes and wide heels. Pointy shoes that cramp the toes and cause calluses and ingrown toenails should be avoided. If you don't know the best shoes to wear, you can ask your podiatrist for advice.

Moisturize the Feet After Cleaning 

An effective way to keep your skin healthy and soft after a long day is to moisturize them every night. Get the best oil or lotion and apply it right after cleaning and drying the feet. This will soothe the feet and prevent cracking and itching.

Contact a local podiatrist for more information.