Symptoms And Treatment Options For Your Morton’s Neuroma

1 December 2015
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If you have pain in the ball of your foot that radiates to your toes, you might have Morton's neuroma. A neuroma occurs anywhere in your body when irritation causes a thickening of nerve tissue. With Morton's neuroma, the thickening occurs on the nerve in your foot that's in the area of your middle toes. Here's a look at the symptoms and treatments for this foot condition. Symptoms of Morton's Neuroma Read More 

4 Things You Need To Know About Hallux Varus

26 October 2015
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Hallux varus is a deformity of your big toe joint. People with this deformity have misaligned big toe joints; the joint is turned outwards which makes the big toe point away from the second toe. Here are four things you need to know about this foot deformity. What causes hallux varus? In some cases, hallux varus is a congenital anomaly. This means that some people are born with the condition due to their genetics. Read More 

3 Foot Care Tips For Caregivers Of Elderly Relatives

22 October 2015
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If you are the caregiver for an aging relative, paying attention to their feet can be just as important as other aspects of their health. There are ways you can help your relative maintain good foot care, even if they have physical limitations. Do Routine Foot Checkups Your elderly relative may have a difficult time checking their own feet for any signs of abrasions or changes. As a caregiver, you should do weekly inspections of their feet to determine if they need their nails trimmed or if you notice signs of infection. Read More 

Common Painful Foot Conditions

21 October 2015
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When you suffer from foot problems, it can affect your life in many ways. Not only can certain foot conditions make it difficult for you to walk or even stand, but some can cause you a great deal of pain, even when you are at rest. Learn about some of the more common foot conditions in this article so you are aware of what may be causing your issues. Plantar fasciitis Read More 

3 Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

20 October 2015
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When you have diabetes, you should engage in a foot care routine that helps you avoid injuries and keeps you aware of any changes in your feet. In addition to gentle foot care, there are other ways you can reduce problems. Keep Your Feet Dry As a diabetic, you are more prone to infections throughout your body, and your feet are no exception. After bathing or showering, make sure you thoroughly dry your feet before wearing socks, paying special attention to the area between your toes. Read More